Relationship Coaching

How do you build the foundation?

The work of the Art of Living, Inc. is centered in reminding people of their innate wisdom. As we grow, age and develop, many of us adopt techniques and beliefs that are unchallenged and seem true, yet never seem to bring us to peace. We each unconsciously tell a story about how life is. And that story is the filter or lens of our lives. And we don’t realize it is a lens. As we go out into the world and meet people, that lens seems true, and affects every relationship we bump into. Consider:

Relationship CoachingIn 1996 Julie and her husband Tim had come to a profound impass regarding their relationship and marriage of twelve years. In a moment of clarity, Julie realized that much of how her relationship to Tim was going matched perfectly her thoughts about who Tim was. And she asked herself, “What if I didn’t consider what I think about Tim to be true?” On the other side of that question was annoyance, but a profound sense of relief as she began to really know her husband for the very first time. And as the filters and lenses were removed, wisdom became available for both of them, and healing began in all of the areas of life. They now consider their marriage to be sacred and deeply satisfying.

Before you speak, ask yourself; is it kind, is it true, is it necessary, does it improve the silence

-Shirdi Sai Baba

Most of the time we talk about relationship as though it is something to find or lose. We look for the ‘perfect’ employee. We suspect our partner is ‘not the one’. Relationship gets relegated more to a shopping mode than to anything that is spiritually derived. When it is difficult, we begin considering our options; when it is easy, we heave a sigh of relief and turn our attention elsewhere. What if our being together were not so random and personal? What if it emanates from a greater call?

The Art of Living, Inc offers coaching, individually tailored workshops and retreats that rebuild an environment for that greater call to inspire everything. The purpose for being with your partner, friend, associate or team will become clear as you begin to remember the work of YOUR life. The challenges you face will make complete sense as part of the larger call, and it will become honorable to work them out. You will begin to maximize the power of differences rather than avoid them. You will begin to have an experience of true collaboration that is what you have always yearned for. And you will have access to how to design life together from there.