Organizational Consulting

There are typically two kinds of organizations: one which thinks there is something wrong with people that must be fixed for success, and one which thinks that people have everything they need to participate fully in the success of the organization.

Organizational ConsultingThe Art of Living, Inc. works with organizations to shift from a culture of mistrust to a culture of trust. We also partner with organizations who have already adopted the platform of trust, offering a non-biased partnership in the evolution of the organization.

It has been said that a good work environment comes not from specific policies, but rather from the nature of the relationship between the company leaders and the employees.

What seems to affect the most sustained and interesting change in the culture of work at great places to work is the relationship of trust between all levels of staff.

Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul on another.

–George Eliot

What makes a great and effective place to work is trust among the whole staff, a deep enjoyment of the people you work with, and deep satisfaction in your work. Anything that dampens trust is deadly to the bottom line.

The Art of Living, Inc works collaboratively with organizations and institutions who are interested in evolving their work environments towards a more trust-based culture.

Our work with associates and partners models the very relationship of trust, collaboration and partnership that we recommend to our clients. We dispel the common notion that power comes from one strong individual; instead we model collaboration of very different approaches to the intricate areas within organizations.