What is the Work of Julie Gleeson?

As founder of The Art of Living, Inc, Julie Gleeson brings over 25 years of experience as a consultant in the fields of resilience, stress and overwhelm elimination, couples mentoring and collaborative team building. Her work with people to find their unique design and natural source of wisdom has helped her clients find meaning and purpose, become more effective and find satisfaction regardless of the circumstances.

Julie Gleeson The Art of LivingJulie’s own design is that she can’t help but hear what makes each of us unique. She loves to mirror back to people who they are designed to be, allowing them to finally feel ‘at home’ in their own lives and work.

Julie’s work is Principle-based; that is, she teaches the principles that are central to the human experience, as discovered and taught by Sydney Banks. These human principles operate regardless of our understanding of them, and help us deepen our power, resilience and peace of mind.

Julie has worked within corporate structures, small businesses and has served 1000’s of private clients all over the world.

Julie has worked inside corporations, owned retail stores for 20 years (she was 18 when she bought her first store), and has done project management for workshops and programs.

Julie is a past winner of the Peacemaker Award from the non-profit Center for Human Development in the East Bay Area, and has volunteered her time in many eclectic areas including as a former Court Appointed Special Advocate, (supporting abused and neglected children), and as editor of the Norfolk Terrier National Magazine and email newsletter, all while actively raising and showing Norfolk Terriers.

She co-founded the Career Wisdom Institute, Inc. with Sherry Platt, bringing her ‘Inside-Out’ approach to how people work, and find work. The motto of CWI is “Ending Suffering at Work”. She and her business partner, Sherry, co-wrote Inside Job, 8 Secrets to Loving Your Work and Thriving, which was a best-seller on Amazon in 2012.

Julie is available for public workshops, private retreats, custom-designed corporate workshops, Executive coaching, and relationship consulting. Most of her work is custom designed to support the needs of her clients. Please call for a complimentary call or in-person meeting to explore how The Art of Living can help you.