“I saw what great results we got with Julie at [our school] and knew she would be helpful to me personally as well. My overall impression of The Art of Living is very positive- I think I’ve made some MAJOR shifts in my thinking and dealing with others.
One of the major benefits I’ve received is peace of mind-knowing that my feelings are a major signal to whether I am THINKING positively. I’ve loved the books she has suggested I read.

If you want to find true peace in your life, Julie can help get you there. She always knows just the right question to ask and just the right way to say something. I am so thankful she came into my life and hope I have the privilege of working with her for many years to come!”

Literacy Coach


“When I started working with Julie my business was in an economic slump and I’d lost my inspiration. Julie helped me to find my inspiration and showed me how to have more say over my state of mind.

My income has doubled over the last 12 months and I anticipate it doubling again over the next 12 months. I am thrilled. Julie gently guides me to recognize and discard my self-imposed limitations.”

Technology Expert and Guru


“Indeed I am still, for the most part, turning off the cell phone nights and weekends. What a relief! And as you pointed out, business is not suffering because of it. These boundaries are not unreasonable and everyone seems content to work around them. I’m also happy to report that the stress levels have remained extremely low since the retreat and our last call.

It is really amazing how much calmer (and thus happier) I am all the time now. I also remain dedicated to my gym routine and I notice physical improvements daily. Things are going well, Julie, and I remain extremely grateful for the gifts you have given me.”

Building Contractor


“Julie helped our company by making us feel better about not only ourselves but our business also. While she was teaching us about low frame of mind vs. high frame of mind we realized that both of these things are in our business and personal lives.

We notice more now that our energy effects other people around us. We now always try to stay in a high frame of mind.
We would recommend her to anyone. People who are going through a hard time, or anyone who needs a coach.”

-Kristen and Tracy
Advertising Specialties Company