Principle-Based Learning

Our work is based on three elegantly simple principles that help all of us create, define and predict the quality of our interactions. What emerges is a profound vision of hope, one that reminds us of our innate human capacity for well-being, resiliency and wisdom, regardless of the circumstances.

These principles, as described, represent the actual, organic and alive process by which people create and know their human experience. These three principles are called Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

Mind is universal intelligence, a pool of wisdom available to all humanity at any time.

Thought is the power to create our moment to moment experience.

Consciousness is the distinctly-human power to know that we are thinking our thoughts, and to experience what we are thinking.

As people align with and become aware of the appropriate use of the principles, they find security, calm, wisdom and power regardless of the circumstances. They begin to experience the ‘inside-out’ nature of the human experience.

These principles have been brought to practical application by Author Sydney Banks who had a profound insight into the power of these principles over three decades ago.